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Форум » .::KEANE::. » Other » интервью про поезд и матрешки (слушать всем!!!)
интервью про поезд и матрешки
Flowers Дата: Суббота, 03.10.2009, 20:12 | Пост # 16
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Ведущий: Tell me about taking the train from Saint-Petersburh to Moscow. Were they hooked on special car just for you guys?

Тим: They certainly did, yeah…

It was one of the weirder experiences of our carreers. But we thoroughly enjoyed it. It had that sense of going back in time.

We`ve always loved travelling on the train. It`s a great way of getting around Europe, much better than getting on a plane and being frisked by a security guard and having your bags searched.

I mean… You know you can just get on the train. You have that sense of travelling from one place to the next. I think we`re really enjoyed that, appreciate that it`s better for the environment. So everyone`s a winner, all around, I think…

Ведущий: Excellent! So you`re in one big car with your own little berths, sort of, up there?

Рич: Kind of. But we went to the… We had to walk… We didn`t have to walk to the bar on the train. That would be exaggerating but we decided to have the cultural experience of going to the bar.

Ведущий: Sure, sure, why wouldn`t you?

Рич: You know we`re walking through ten carriages of bunks either side. Ahd all this people like this. And occasionally, you know, people would smile or whatever…

And ended up in the bar and suddenly drinks started arriving and those were our fans who had been at the Saint-Petersburg show and were going to the Moscow show who were on the same train.

So I think I was one of the first to retire but I understand that Tim and Jesse were there till… Was it five at the morning? (they`re) just checking out the different vodkas and…

Рич: That is an early night for them!

Ведущий: So, I was asking before do you literally have like little berths where you each get in your own bed. And you go “Good night Tom”, “Good night Tim”, put your pj`s on and climb in?

Тим: Because we`ve got such an enormous egos the members of the band has a berth each. And everyone else had to share, which sounds terrible, but there we go. That way… There was only enough room for our egos in each one.

Ведущий: Presectly, just a right size.

И про матрёшки:

Тим: When we were in Moscow the other day someone brought… a… you know… the Russian dolls, matryoshka thing. Someone had made one, basicly, of… of us.

It had, whatever, eight layers and you keep opening up and it had these intricate paintings of us…

Том: On a last one, in a middle, with me holding a bottle of vodka behind my back!

They`ve got a goot sense of humour out there!

Ты должен быть сильным, иначе зачем тебе быть

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Форум » .::KEANE::. » Other » интервью про поезд и матрешки (слушать всем!!!)
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