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Неофициальное видео на Perfect Symmetry
dara-inna Дата: Пятница, 28.11.2008, 21:33 | Пост # 1
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Ну, что-то никто не выкладывает...вот, собственно говоря сама новость
Just 5 minutes ago I had an idea for a PS video bubbling up. I obviously don't have any details yet, so it can still turn out to be utter crap.

But I need help from you guys. I just feel that this needs to be an ubercool video, featuring the many people that helped create that perfect symmetry (you may cringe now).Think of it as a more grown-up, uncool, unfunny, self-conscious version of Feeder's Just A Day.

If you have a digital camera that's able to record video, go out to your favourite spot (your own room, the beach, the city, Manser's Shaw, whatever you prefer) and film yourself lip syncing to the song. In any fashion, perspective, pose etc. Yeah, yeah, film your brainwashed 5-year-old if you have to. Whatever you feel is appropriate and still fits you, so to speak. Send it to me through megaupload and the likes and I'll get editing.

That's it.

(oh boy, I'm so gonna regret this, haha!)

The facts

- This is going to be a music vid, completely low-budget and fan-made from start to finish.
- I'll need at least 100 people worldwide to contribute. Any country, age, race, religion and so on.
- If I get stuck at a handful of videos it's not going to work. So please consider contributing, otherwise it's a waste of time for the people who did contribute.

You get..
- Life-long Youtube fame!
- A spot on the credits (of course!). That's it, no more no less.
- Newsflash: you'll get a Keane goodiebag if you send in the coolest, most original, most surprising video!

NOTE: You will not be featured for more than a few seconds probably, so do not blow this out of proportion and get over yourself, just do it, life's short, bladibla.

You give..
- A full video featuring you or anyone (anything?) willing and able to help out, lipsyncing Perfect Symmetry. If you find another way to get the point across, go ahead! (see ideas below)
- Send the video before the end of this month, the sooner the better.
- Use Megaupload, Yousendit or any other upload service to send the video.

You can use your 100 dollar digital photo camera, an 8mm film, cctv or a Panasonic pro DV-cam if you've got one available, as long as it's proper video. Thinking mp4/mpeg4 here for example. And as long as it's not breaking any laws I'm happy.

Some ideas to get you started
You can pretend that you're Tom (put up one of those masks of you feel like it!), pretend that you're in the audience singing along, you can sing it Kraftwerk-style, or go theatrical, mime, signlanguage or whateeeeever you can come up with. Maybe someone could even film their pc screen while typing up the lyrics Sex and the City-style?? Or DOS style? Or like I said film your Keane-washed kid! Or film yourself from afar, walking down the street and mumbling the words or shouting them out like Richard Ashcroft, or do a Bob Dylan! Man! There are a million ways to contribute without looking like an idiot! Just let those creative minds of yall do all the work! I can see Mart rocking out on his CP70 in the middle of a field somewhere in the UK. Get those muscles working, hehe. Come on peeps, it could be such a cool little vid, I just can't do it on my own!

Коротко об этом скажу так: если у вас есть в руке что-то, что записывает видео, то бегом снимайте себя, подпевающего(щую) под Perfect Symmetry и шлите на оф.сайт Кин)))

Добавлено (28.11.2008, 21:33)
Вот ссылка на все это

Haidi Дата: Пятница, 28.11.2008, 23:05 | Пост # 2
перманентный неадекват
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А почему именно на PS?

Put your best smile on
And say it like you mean it
dara-inna Дата: Пятница, 28.11.2008, 23:30 | Пост # 3
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Quote (Haidi)
А почему именно на PS?

Хороший вопрос, не знаю...так ребята решили))

Flowers Дата: Понедельник, 01.12.2008, 02:55 | Пост # 4
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Так-так... Пример Радиохедов вдохновил многих biggrin

Ты должен быть сильным, иначе зачем тебе быть

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